Infomagical Day One: Twitchy Fingers

Today marks day one of the Infomagical challenge! Today’s podcast was called Magical Day. The goal? Stop multi-tasking, start single tasking. Put away the phone while you’re working on an assignment, don’t watch Netflix while you cook or eat, don’t check your phone when you’re out with friends… Concentrate on one given task at a time and one only!

So what did I learn after completing day one of the five-day challenge? I have realized that I have a curse: the curse of the twitchy fingers! I made a very conscious effort all day not to check my phone AT ALL on the bus, or to open up a new tab and check Facebook while concentrating on an assignment, or to respond to people’s messages at any given time (instead, I dedicated slots of time throughout my day to go on social media and respond then). However, this caused me to become hyper-aware of how badly my fingers itched to do all these things I was trying to avoid. I realized how much of a fishhook my phone is, constantly trying to reel my fingers in to touch the screen and check my notifications. By the end of the day I was imagining that my phone was buzzing with incoming messages that demanded my attention, even though checking my phone proved otherwise—my mind was just imagining things because it so desperately wanted a distraction from the gruelling monotony of single tasking.

I’ll tell you one thing: single tasking is infinitely easier said than done. By the end of day one the voice in my head telling me to switch tasks was so overwhelming, and my fingers so twitchy, that I decided to turn the cellular data off on my phone for the remainder of the week. At least this way, unless I am in a space with Wi-Fi, I will interact with the environment around me instead of the one on my phone. As for my laptop, I am keep the Wi-Fi turned off while working on assignments (unless required), because I clearly don’t have the self-discipline I thought I did to police my own behaviour.


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