Infomagical Day Two: Clean Slate

Today was day two of the Infomagical challenge, and the task was to clean up and reorganize my phone and/or computer. Which apps were just taking up space on my phone, providing an extra excuse to multi-task? Which bookmarks did I no longer need on my laptop browser, and which folders or files could I clear from my desktop? These were the tasks I had on my plate today.

Yesterday’s (mostly successful) attempt to single task for an entire day made me realize that, even though single tasking brings on anxiety and restlessness, multi-tasking is still way more overwhelming, utterly unnecessary and, most of all, counter-productive. But my phone is already pretty devoid of any apps that don’t come pre-installed courtesy of Apple (because the pre-installed apps take up most of the space on my 8GB phone—thanks Apple), so I tackled one of the main perpetrators of distraction: the Facebook app. I deleted it off my phone, and an audible sigh of relief escaped my lips. But I didn’t stop there: I also backed up and then deleted all of my photos and categorized my remaining applications, assigning each app to one of three designated folders.

The other object I tackled today was my laptop. I suffer from the weird aversion to closing tabs on my browser (I know there are others of you out there who are guilty of this too!), meaning I always have a distressing number of tabs open (many of which I haven’t touched in days). So I created folders within my bookmarks tab, deleted the bookmarks I will never ever look at, and made a promise to myself to close Google Chrome every single day (thus closing all tabs and starting each day anew). I subjected my desktop to the same treatment, deleting all the files that are just clutter obscuring my beautiful desktop photo, and assigning specific folders to everything that remained.

After today’s challenge I feel magically refreshed, as if de-cluttering my technology has also freed up space in my brain for the thoughts and work that I want to or should be focusing on. I like opening up my phone and looking at a photo that isn’t obscured by applications. I ended the day by closing every application on my laptop, leaving just my desktop wallpaper sitting on the screen: one of my favourite photos from my travels through Nepal. It was nice to end the day with a clean slate, falling asleep to wonderful memories of distant places.


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