Infomagical Day Four: Emotional Connection

After the previous challenge, and following the recent social media/Internet outburst post-election, I felt like I needed to take a break from media and technology altogether. That included this series of challenges, which means that I have not completed them all in consecutive order. But my brain felt overloaded and I needed to escape; I am now back to finish this series after a few days off, and today I made a Magical Connection. The guideline of today’s challenge? Engage in conversation with someone for at least seven minutes, about something you learned about recently that had an impact on you.

I had multiple conversations with people today; many of them centred around, of course, politics. Themes of discussion regarding the election are endless, and the Magical Connection I made today was regarding one topic related to the election that has been on a lot of people’s minds: how racist ideologies are coming to the forefront. What does this mean for non-white people in America? Is discriminatory behaviour fuelled by racism really gaining steam in North America, or is the media just playing it up? It seems uncertain, because there are a lot of different media opinions on the matter; but it’s definitely a huge topic of debate and discussion in light of Trump’s successful campaign, and people are undoubtedly being affected by it. Related to the topic of racism is an article that the Montreal Gazette published today called “The Trump effect and the normalization of hate in Quebec.” Read it here. It’s a heavy article, but I found it to be a very important read considering its relevance to me as a Canadian.

To form my Magical Connection, I asked my roommate if he had read this article, and what his thoughts were on racism in North America. I was taken aback by his response to my question, because it opened a floodgate of emotion that I had not been expecting. We ended up talking for at least an hour and, although we eventually diverged from the discussion on racism, the topic fuelled discussion on other personal and social issues that we had never talked about.

I am very grateful for today’s challenge and the deeper connection it allowed me to make. Let’s see what tomorrow, day number five and final challenge, will bring.


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